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Making proposal management look easy

At Propizi, our ambition is simple: to simplify the experience of responding to calls for tenders in companies by putting the best of technology at the service of people.

We have therefore designed and developed a software that combines the best of technology and business expertise to make bid and proposal management simpler, faster and better.

With Propizi, mobilize the right people at the right time, create relevant content, eliminate repetitive tasks, use expert templates and meet your deadlines. All this in just a few clicks.
Why Propizi ?
Un constat: réponses à appels d’offres, RFP et appels à projet, un casse-tête
The idea of simplifying the preparation and writing of commercial proposals has emerged over fifteen years spent in a many companies, in both operational, cross-functional and managerial functions.

It appeared that whatever the industry, whatever the profession: responding to an RFP, or writing a business proposal is a painful, time-consuming and expensive activity!
Pain points: commonalities across industries
The reasons why proposal management is so painful are multiple and may vary from one company to another depending on the activity, the organization, the processes in place, and especially the corporate culture.

However, the main difficulties are common to most industries: meeting deadlines; analyzing and understanding customer’s needs; mobilizing cross-functional resources; complex procedures, as well as bid writing and content management.
The solution: technology and business expertise
For each pain point, we have combined our respective technical and business expertise in order to come up with the most appropriate solution.

Then, we have refined the solution according to the functional feedbacks and sectorial expertise of our Advisory Board, to finally build a software solution integrating IA and Automation and offering an operational user experience.
The team
Pierre Marchès - CEO
“Pierre est co-fondateur de Propizi. Il a pratiqué les appels d’offres, RFP et appels à projets internationaux pendant une quinzaine d’années au sein de différentes industries (Collins Aerospace, Labeyrie, LVMH, Airbus, ECA, CNIM, etc.), occupant des postes opérationnels, transverses, puis managériaux avant d’évoluer vers le conseil en appels d’offres et proposal management.

Pierre est diplômé de l’Université Toulouse I, Toulouse School of Management et de l’ESCP.
Maxime Sahagian - CTO
Maxime is the co-founder of Propizi. He has been a freelance Fullstack developer since the end of his studies, and co-founded Manypixels in 2017. He began his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 14 by creating an online game server.

Maxime graduated from HETIC Paris web school
Advisory Board
From its very beginning, Propizi has created an Advisory Board whose main mission is to advise the co-founders team on operational issues as well as on the product roadmap.

As an consultative body, the Advisory Board also plays a central role in defining Propizi's strategic orientations.

Propizi's Advisory Board is made up of 6 personalities, both women and men, with multiple profiles, talents and expertise:
Riana Rarimamonjy
Engineer / Executive MBA
Automotive / Sales Expert
Thomas Mérelle
PhD / Executive MBA
AI / Semiconductors Expert
Delphine Robineau
Engineer / Executive MBA
Energy / Tender Expert
Côme De Chauliac
Executive MBA
IT / Sales Expert
Carolina Morales
Executive MBA
Change Management / Transformation Expert
Mehdi Ben Kahla
Executive MBA
Investment / Software Expert
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